voy (ON MY WAY)

There are no friends left to say bye to

There is not even one book left to rewrite

There are no nights of wine or dawn

Nor clothes of yours to pick up from the floor

There are no blank letters left to burn

Nor sea, nor beach, nor boat to sail

There is no date on the calendar to celebrate

Our old radio stopped working

I’m going

Towards my solitude

I’m going

Leaving everything behind

I’m walking slowly but I’m patient

I go slowly but with determination

I’m going

Towards my solitude

I’m going

Leaving everything behind

I give everything I have, my singing is brave

I say what I think in a different way

They will remember the words of my song

They will remember every note my voice gave

And I will get lost in the expanse of time

I will fly free as the free verse


los nacidos (THE BORN ONES)

The books were born blank

Empty, with no light or verbs

Somebody drew a dress

Made of words in the form of verse

The tragedy was born mute

In absolute solitude

Somebody performs it now

With a serious, firm and strong voice

The crazy ones were born sane

The foolish was born an apprentice

Many were born,

But only a few got to be here

Now I have you

I, who was born so lonely

Cannot imagine myself without you

Or you with someone else

Now if you leave

I’d rather not have been born

It would be like dancing

Out of rhythm

The apple was born green

The wide river was born mud

A puppy, and then a herd

The wolf was born, the cold was born

The dawn was born faint

The storm was born as a drop

The woman was born a girl

The shirt was born smooth

The mud was born as sand and water

The sad one was born happy

Many were born,

But only a few got to be here 

mi ciudad perdidA (MY LOST CITY)

Cities of sand and stone

Paradises of cement

So fast from outside

So still from inside

Cities of rain and crystal and armies singing

They don’t know where they are going

But they keep walking

Cities that don’t have a name yet

Built their wall already

Vanities of some man

To feed his ego

Cities without heart and with a steel soul

Those cities are not like Jose Alfredo’s

But I have you

You are my lost city where the sky is made of carmine

And your body is my avenue

In the corner of your mouth

I find you dancing

And I stay forever tangled up in your lips

Cities of green paper

Infinite buildings

Numbers come and go

Always more poor than rich

Cities without an old plaza, market or fountain

Always a new experience, never with the same people 

PERO HOY (but today)


They flourish in my mind

Like infinite memories

Voices that come and go

Hundreds of moments

Smell of warm bread

Football on the street and sidewalk

Noble and brave family

And love in the road

It gets dark in the future

And the horizon hides away

The vine gives in slowly

Because of the grapes’ weight

We were thirsty yesterday

We will have water tomorrow

Yesterday there was always a yesterday

And tomorrow there will be tomorrow

But today, right now

In this precise instant

I only think of you if I sing

And even if I don’t want to

I keep thinking of you when I shut up

But today, right now

On this precise moment

I call your name over and over again

And your name keeps resonating in the eternal silence

One year it rained during the summer

So much that the river broke

The towns overflowed

The sunken orchard died

Winters of glory and mud

Summers of love and people

Always secondary actors

At the school’s playground

The fishermen will return

And will bring new fish

The poor will eat again

And we will sin again

We had nothing yesterday

We will have everything tomorrow

We danced with a band yesterday

We will dance alone tomorrow 

TE DIRÁN (they will tell you)

Ft. Ilan Chester & Jorge Glem

They will tell you about my loving

That it’s like the beach’s sand

That it forgets about yesterday

Every time the water comes and goes

They will tell you that nothing was real

And that I own what I gave you

They will tell you that I’m from the air

That what happens to you doesn’t happen to anybody else

What they didn’t tell you is that my solitude is not a whim anymore

That I write your name on the sand everyday

The water comes and goes but your name remains

Sand, sand, sand

Your love is a castle in my beach of sand

FIN DE FIESTA (Party’s end)


One of those tales with no ending

My voice remembers it today

It tells the story of how a poor cantaor

Never made it

He went from town to town randomly

And left his life in the tablaos

A song is worth 3 cents

And this couplet a bulería

The night of the blackout

Only three or four candles lit up the room

Between every song

The humble cantaor could barely see

And suddenly you came in

Fountain of serene light

Eternal immortal sin

I will never sing mute

If it’s not for this woman

I am only a sea of silence

The time passed by cold and fast

And he found fortune and class

A respected and noble man

He made himself lovable

He lived it up

He used to go to a cafe every night

To listen to the artists

Famous for being a flattering rogue, unfaithful lover

And good lyricist

Another stormy night

Only an oil lamp stood up at the Austrias’ Cafe

Suddenly something happened

A still dancer as if half hypnotized

They saw each once again

He was quiet, she immobile

There was no misery this time

More wrinkle and more love

They ended up living together, the end of the party

POR VERTE OTRA VEZ (to see you again)

To see you again…

It wasn’t me, the one who stayed quiet

Nor was I the one who looked at you in silence

It is not me who dies in the morning

Or lives giving her back to time

It won’t be me who surrenders today

I won’t be either the one who throws the first stone

Or the one who reveals what was hidden

Every time you leave

I’m not what you want to see

I’m just a sad little painting hung on the wall

You are not everything you think you are

You are just a simple crazy person

And to see you again I would leave everything

I would leave everything to see you again

Nella, what goes around comes around

TANTAS Y TANTAS COSAS (so many things)

I thought of dressing up as the universe

With thousands of stars on my sleeve

And a galaxy of black moons

I thought of introducing myself as a cloud

To move away only when you pass by

And let the moon of March light you up

I thought of morphing into fire

To dance over the wood

And die in your icy skin

I thought of turning into a mirror

Where you would look at yourself every day

And the only thing you would see is my reflection

So many, many things I have thought

So many, many lives I’ve dreamt

So many, and so many will come

All of them very different, but you will be in all of them

I thought about emptying the water of the seas for you

To be able to go down to its bottom

To dance barefoot between the corals

I screamed your name so strong and loud

That I broke the sound barrier

And you heard my name

Just before you could see me

I kissed your your hair made of wicker

Tangled within my fingers

Shaky but free 

I thought about writing an ending

I don’t even know where to start 

to be able to forget you 

1000 MILES


I took the train to get to you 

To spend together this afternoon 

But I was a thousand miles away  

A thousand miles away from you 


We were so close, we called it love 

You took my hand all the way home  

But I was a thousand miles away  

A thousand miles away from you


A thousand miles away from you 

My mind in other paradise

Don't ask me why 

Don't search the truth 

A thousand miles 

A thousand miles away from you


No getaway, just face to face 

Your arm around me but in my pace 

No need to talk I get the blues

A thousand miles away from you 

ÁNGEL CAÍDO (fallen angel)


We cannot jump into emptiness

We cannot see each other again

Prisoners of a fallen angel

There is nothing to do anymore

You wake up next to new flowers

Every day is a new sunrise

I live in an eternal night

Talking to my unfaithful moon

You look at yourself in the mirror everyday

Imagine your life in the future

I look at myself but I cannot find me

I don’t even know what I’ll do within a minute

And now that you are leaving for good

I realize again that we are not that different

Two sides of the same coin

Let’s promise we won’t fall

Let’s promise we won’t touch

If we meet again

It will fall, it will fall

My mouth will fall into your kisses

It will fall, it will fall

My clothes will fall on your floor

We will fall together, and together we will keep falling

One time I thought I recognized you

It seemed like it was you on the street

It took me just a second to lose you

I didn’t even have time to call you

I suppose you have been doing well without me

I imagine you always smiling

I think I am happy too

Your fallen angel keeps falling

UNA Y OTRA VEZ (over and over again)

Ft. Alba Molina


We had dreamt dressing up the sea with poppy flowers

We had imagined a garden above the waves

We had cried like the brave ones cry

We had flown to the corners of our mind

We had seen the infinite curve of the water

We had forgotten that it also rains on the beach

We had created a world of sand that never breaks down

We had loved like only the poor ones love

In the middle of the rain I opened my window

Over and over again I screamed your name

Over and over again I called you

Over and over again, and again nobody answered

We had agreed to you singing and me dancing

We had talked about my going as a fairy and you as a magician

We had counted on getting out of it unscathed

We had a deal of silence before every kiss

We had cheered with forbidden juice

We had forgotten the night before every day

We had swam in the red river of sin

We had slept between golden corn and wheat

VOLVERÉ A MI TIERRA (i will return to my homeland)

Ft. Jorge Glem

I walk around New York very slowly

In a fast world my steps are slow

I don’t know where they are going or where they are coming from

I know where I’m going, and where I come from

The white clothes dance restless there

We use to salute on our way back home

We sing together around the table

And little by little life passes by

I will return to my homeland

To walk on its streets

To feel the sand

I will return to my homeland

The great Venezuela, loved and eternal

I will return to my homeland

To sing to the sea

And to its full moon

I will return to my homeland

Where my people are brave and awakened

Prisons of paper, faces with no names

Living in a past that breaks today

A light will come and will illuminate us forever

While I sing to the sky that never lies

ME LLAMAN NELLA (they call me nella)

Ft. Santiago Periné

Above Margarita’s sea

It’s almost a full moon

And very close to the shore,

I wait until the sunrise arrives

Around the streets of my town

Little by little I walk

The elderly ladies always say hello

And I always answer singing

Fishermen of my homeland

Fill the port with white flowers

From the houses made of rocks

The pieces of fabric dance

And in the middle of the plaza

The one where I always used to play

Other kids play now

They throw kites of water to the air

They call me Nella

The one with the raspy voice

I spend sleepless nights

Singing coplas until the sunrise

They call me Nella

Made of cinnamon and fire

If you want me to sing for you

You will have to steal a kiss from me

I come from a very old world

Which is a new friend to pain and hunger

A world so real, only for big hearts

A fantasy world with no high walls or falseness

Where only people seeking for a sip of freedom live

all songs written by javier limon except 1000 miles written by david trueba.